11 November 2016

Introducing the main characters from The Red Shoes film, which our New Adventures dancers are basing their roles on in Matthew Bourne's production!


Originally played in the film by: Moira Shearer
For New Adventures: Ashley Shaw, Cordelia Braithwaite & Katrina Lyndon

Character Profile

  • A young, unknown dancer spotted by Boris Lermontov, the ruthless but charismatic impresario of the Ballet Lermontov
  • Invited to dance with Ballet Lermontov in Paris & Monte Carlo
  • Falls for the young composer working on The Red Shoes Ballet, Julian Craster, and becomes trapped in a love triangle as Lermontov becomes infatuated by Page


Originally played in the film by: Anton Walbrook
For New Adventures: Sam Archer & Chris Trenfield

Character Profile

  • Partly inspired by Sergei Diaghilev, the impresario who founded the Ballet Russes but also the producer, J. Arthur Rank and director, Michael Powell of The Red Shoes film.
  • Lermontov is the ruthless but charismatic character behind the Ballet Lermontov and takes on Page as a student, prior to giving her a principal role and seeing her potential.
  • He is clouded by jealousy when he realises his personal feelings toward Page but sees that she is involved with Craster.


Originally played in the film by: Marius Goring
For New Adventures: Dominic North, Chris Trenfield & Andrew Monaghan

Character Profile

  • A young composer and conductor hired as the Ballet Lermontov’s orchestral coach the same day that Page starts with the company
  • Chosen to compose and conduct the music for The Red Shoes ballet he becomes obsessed with the production claiming nothing matters more than the music
  • Craster is forced out of the company by Lermontov after Craster and Page’s relationship becomes clear


Originally played in the film by: Ludmilla Tchérina
For New Adventures: Michela Meazza, Anjali Mehra & Nicole Kabera

Character Profile

  • Prima Ballerina and leading dancer of the Ballet Lermontov before Page arrives.
  • Boronskaja makes it clear that she has a life outside of dance, much to Lermontov’s dissatisfaction but is picked up again later in the film after Page leaves with Craster.
  • A larger than life socialite with a glamorous reputation, left behind when the company goes to Monte Carlo.


Originally played in the film by: Robert Helpmann
For New Adventures: Liam Mower & Danny Reubens

Character Profile

  • Male lead of the Ballet Lermontov
  • Dedicated to the company with quite the sense of artistry
  • Boleslawsky is quite the diva with an icy reserve

Grischa Ljubov

Originally played in the film by: Léonide Massine
For New Adventures: Glenn Graham & Leon Moran

Character Profile

  • Ballet master and principal character artist for Ballet Lermontov
  • A highly-strung and brilliant choreographer of the company
  • The Shoemaker in The Red Shoes ballet sequence 

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