New Adventures



"The great accomplishment of the production is its seamless integration of amateur and professional impressive achievement."

The Guardian

what they said

"It’s the degree of audience engagement that indicates, with box office figures, that Bourne has the knack for drawing people in, engaging both their hearts and minds."

Glasgow Herald

"Bourne makes us proud to be British."

Sunday Express

"Bourne has created the busiest ballet company on earth and turned Britain into the world’s leading exporter of dance theatre"


"Edward’s magic shears make shear theatrical magic"

Time Magazine


Time Out

"Bourne laces his glittering confection with the wit and sly humour that’s become his trademark… It’s like watching a selection box sparkle into life"



The Times

"Three cheers for Matthew Bourne, three more for his version of The Nutcracker... a brilliant family show"

Evening Standard

"Bourne at his best"

Plymouth Herald

"Hats off to Matthew Bourne. His Nutcracker! is the most enjoyable and clever staging imaginable"

The Times

"So pretty, so funny, so frisky and good-hearted – has just about everything desirable in a Christmas show. Very few ballet productions send you home feeling as good about life as this one"

Daily Telegraph

"The Matthew Bourne - Tim Burton chemistry is fizzing… a cracking piece of theatre"


"Truly magical…this is a show for lovers of dance, musicals, film and everything in between"

The Scotsman

"Bourne cuts a dash with his magical, witty Scissorhands"

Evening Standard

"Moves from it’s opening curtain through to it’s snow falling curtain calls with a grace, a charm, a wit, a momentum and a depth worthy of any creation calling itself a ballet "

Wall Street Journal

"A fantastic family show"

Daily Telegraph

"Straight from the heart…. A stunning finale that knocks you sideway"


"Attracting new audiences in unprecedented numbers"

Washington Post

"Matthew Bourne is the world’s most popular living dance maker."

Time Magazine

"Bourne has established an unequalled track record for finding fresh, funny, and individual talent."

The Guardian

"Dorian Gray is Bourne again. A 21st-century makeover that works astoundingly well"


"A beautiful and perfect, wordless essay on these lives and times"


"Dorian Gray is a slick, chic crowd-pleaser …even more appropriate to our self-regarding society than to the dandyish days of 1891"


"A great show, witty, timely, beautifully designed, sometimes chilling, hugely entertaining"


"One of the hot tickets of the year"

Evening Standard

"An exhilaratingly ingenious updating of the novel"


"What a stunning show Matthew Bourne has created. This must be the most heartwarming and sophisticatedly rewarding show in London. A magnificent show and Bourne's finest hour "

Ismene Brown (Arts Desk)

"A gripping theatrical spectacle. Bourne does something wonderful: he scatters love, like fairydust. This Cinderella turns into another kind of fairytale – the miracle of love in war "

Guardian ****

"A perfect, warming Christmas treat"

Daily Telegraph ****

"A sizzling Bourne adventure. Sultry perfection. See it"


"A deliciously lubricious spectacle’. Tuned to perfection"

Time Out

"Nobody does it better than Bourne. A joyride of sweat, seduction and murder"

Daily Telegraph

"It delivers a supremely and inventively slick entertainment: at its best it drills down to a hard core of emotional truth"


"Bourne at his best"

Sunday Express

"Natural Bourne Thriller. Superb"

Sunday Times

"Matthew Bourne’s fun and feisty dance thriller"

The Times

"Electrifying, a dynamite dance of desire"

Daily Mail

"A steamy melodrama that’s just right for sultry summer nights’ "

Evening Standard

"A rare treat! Bourne’s wit and flair are in full play"

Sunday Times

"Ingeniously choreographed"

A round up of the best press quotes from 2012

what they said

"It's a Bourne again classic"

The Guardian

"This is one of the funniest, funkiest, most irresistibly infectious ballets I have ever had the delight of sitting through"

Daily Mail

"Wicked and compulsively watchable"

Time Out

"Quite literally Breathtaking"

Manchester Evening News

what they said

"Extraordinary. You are simply gripped by the power and emotion of the storytelling"

Daily Telegraph

what they said

"New Adventures is one of Britain’s most successful cultural institutions"

Debra Craine, The Times

"Wonderful. Bourne’s clever gothic re-write. Beguiling and true"

The Guardian

"Strikingly fresh....Witty, inventive and touching"

Mail on Sunday

"Bourne’s exuberant re-imagining. An action packed evening greeted with cheers"

The Times

what they said

"An eye-popping gothic delight"


"Ravishing. The choreography is a joy. Bourne’s got another hit on his hands"


"Tongue in cheek humour, contemporary references and accessible theatrical dance"

Time Out

"Extraordinary. Fantastic. Dazzling. Masterful."

Sunday Express

what they said


LA Times


Huffington Post

"A night of huge fun - three terrific ballets..that not only survive the test of time but stand supreme in their own right"

The Times

"Wonderfully entertaining ...viciously comic!"



FinancIal Times



"It succeeds brilliantly"

The Express

"A remarkable achievement"

The Scotsman

"An enjoyable, memorable and thought-provoking production"


"A superbly visceral version of Golding’s novel... Astonishing"

The Herald

"witty, menacing, lyrical and wild"

Daily Telegraph

what they said

"Beautifully paced, directed and lit, Swan Lake is a must-see’ "

Edinburgh Evening News

"As a piece of theatre and as a piece of dance, this is hard to surpass. Sexy, sassy, superb"

Newcastle Chronicle

"The dancing is exquisite, varied, sexy and simply stunning"

Birmingham Mail

"Bourne’s trademark wit, glitz and glamour make this a winner from start to finish"


"Swan Lake is a tsunami of creativity that crashes about the senses in an evening of unbridled exhilaration"

Plymouth Herald

"The sheer breadth of physicality, emotionally underpinning this production is overwhelming and it’s novelty as fresh as ever’"

Belfast Telegraph

"superb female dancing in act three is icing on the cake"

Irish Times

"bowled over by this ballet masterpiece"

Manchester Evening News

what they said

"A shear delight! Bourne's gleaming Scissorhands is a triumph"

Daily Mail

"Bourne and his team have made William Golding's novel seem modern, fresh and the choreography is just incredible"

Torquay Herald Express

"The great accomplishment of the production is its seamless integration of amateur and professional impressive achievement"

The Guardian

"Our most commercially savvy and popular choreographer"

Debra Craine, The Times

"The most successful and most prolific dance producers in the country"

Mark Shenton, The Stage

"John Ross is a choreographer with something to say… and he says it with devilish humour, style and emotional punch"

Matthew Bourne

"The award is so much more than a choreography award, it has taught me everything from creating a budget to managing a production and running a company and given me opportunities I'd only ever dreamed of having."

James Cousins (2012 Winner)


Mail on Sunday

what they said

"EXHILARATING. This modern re-telling of William Golding’s classic is a breath-taking triumph"

WOW 247 (Glasgow)

"ENTHRALLING. A triumph"

Coventry Telegraph

"Ambler’s raw and dramatic choreography"

Mail on Sunday

"A STUNNING production packed with action, driven on by vibrant music and dramatic lighting – the youngsters are so full of excitement you can almost touch the atmosphere glowing and flowing from the stage."

Liverpool Daily Post

"New Adventures have brought Lord of the Flies to life in BRILLIANT, completely original fashion, and the result is a wholly absorbing, regularly THRILLING dance extravaganza’"

Dudley News

"Bourne captures schoolboys bloodlust brilliantly. Marvellously directed"

Guardian, Judith Mackrell

"A TRIUMPH by any standards. Originally staged, tightly directed and searingly performed"

Financial Times

"Golding’s tale lives on... Lost boys raise the roof!"

London Evening Standard

"Bourne’s brilliant retelling...a superb adaptation of William Golding’s novel. THRILLING"


"It is, quite simply, fabulous theatre: gripping from first to last"

Arts Desk

"A SMASH HIT. Enchanting and exhilarating. A festive treat for all the family"

The Times (Dec 2014)

"The wonders just keep coming in Bourne’s magical new version of Edward Scissorhands"

The Observer (Dec 2014)

"Bourne revival is a cut above"

The Guardian (Dec 2014)

"newly nipped, tucked and tweaked - this is vintage Bourne"

Daily Telegraph (Dec 2014)

"A great piece of entertainment "

Time Out

"full of wit and invention"

Whatsonstage (Dec 2014)

"In our grieving for this irreplaceable artist we take some comfort in the legacy of memories that he has left behind"

Matthew Bourne

"Thank you Matthew Bourne for a night of dance my daughter won’t forget. 10 stars!"

Jeremy Vine

"One of the best films I saw this year wasn’t a film – it was Matthew Bourne’s ballet The Red Shoes at Sadler’s Wells"

Mark Kermode - Film Critic

what they said

"Where to begin the praise of The Red Shoes? It's astounding in every facet. In short, it will enhance your life!"

Adam Garcia

"Spellbinding, stunning, Matthew Bourne continues to amaze in partnership with Lez Brotherston again, creating unforgettable theatre"

Bruno Tonioli

"An outstanding production. Fabulous evening."

Darcey Bussell

"Absolutely glorious, it’s a brave thing to do to take a favourite, iconic film and turn it into a ballet like that. Unbelievable."

Jennifer Saunders

"It is dance theatre at its very finest."

Barry Humphries


Tom Daley

"Absolutely beguiling and funny and beautiful."

Caroline Quentin

"He’s done it again…Incredibly powerful and intoxicating - I couldn't recommend it enough!"

Douglas Booth

"Red Shoes blew my mind; it’s magical, it’s entertaining, it’s a beautiful story."

Karen Clifton

"Achingly beautiful."

Patricia Ward Kelly

"Absolutely amazing and the choreography is brilliant; it’s so exciting and so full of vitality."

Anne Reid

"So experimental and unusual… the mixture of Broadway in the middle of it all… a great combination of things."

Richard E. Grant

"Matthew Bourne has redefined ballet, he’s reinvented it for today."

David Suchet

"He really is an absolute master and that is a masterpiece."

Mathew Horne

"Congratulations Matthew Bourne for your magical The Red Shoes. Breathtakingly beautiful."

Ioan Gruffudd

"Dazzled last night by The Red Shoes. Exquisite in every department. Bravo yet again Matthew Bourne."

Mark Gatiss

"Gobsmackingly touching!"

Adam Cooper

"Astounding. Beg, steal or borrow a ticket."

Christopher Biggins

"Amazing... The dance was just beautiful!"

Gorka Marquez

"The cultural event of the year. Joy, wit, incredible skill from this remarkable company!"

Jason Watkins

"A masterpiece. The design, music, storytelling & choreography are exceptional. And it's beautifully danced by all."

Peter Polycarpou

"Another triumph for Matthew Bourne & his company."

Elaine Paige

"Ashley Shaw was BREATHTAKING, & the entire show truly enchanting!!"

Janette Manrara

"Mesmerising, edgy and beautiful. Matthew Bourne is a genius."

Anneka Rice

"It's funny & thrilling & magical. A stunning piece of dance theatre. Go!"

David Walliams

"Red Hot! A night to remember."

Baz Bamigboye

"A feast for the eye, animated by sharp detail and witty characterisation. The Red Shoes will be dancing for years to come."


"Matthew Bourne works his magic. Blissful."

The Daily Telegraph ****

"A gorgeous take on a film classic"

The Times ****

"Enthralling. Richly satisfying."

The Guardian ****

"Bourne’s gift for storytelling dazzles"

Time Out ****

"Lively, inventive and beautifully designed – The Red Shoes triumphs"

The Sunday Times

"Matthew Bourne’s finest achievement to date"

The Stage *****

"Sumptuous. Beautifully told, and full of vivid incident"

WhatsOnStage *****

"Simply magical"

Metro ****

"There’s little enough outright joy in the world these days, so thanks to Sir Matthew Bourne for providing a large slice with his Early Adventures."

The Fine Times Recorder

what they said

"A feast for all the senses"

Amanda Jones, Twitter Follower

"Bearing all the hallmarks of wit, irony, sarcasm and signature camp humour, it is both mesmerizingly good and notoriously funny."

Bath Chronicle

what they said

"A mesmerising show, pure class with absolutely spell binding dancing."

Bath Chronicle

"Witty, moving, original"

Jo Trigg, Twitter Follower

"as original as it is unmissable"

Guardian *****

what they said

"The experience of a life time"

Birmingham Hippodrome Review Roundup

what they said

"generously spirited, archly witty, sublimely beautiful tableaux of short stories"

Bath Magazine

"both witty and unexpectedly touching. This triple bill is crisp, lively and brightly danced"

Independent ****

what they said

"joyous and entertaining"

The Stage ****

what they said

"Full of passion, drama and romance, and performed by an outstanding cast against a stunning and innovative set"

The Reviews Hub *****

what they said

"Bourne at his saucy, satirical best"

The Times ****

what they said

"Plenty of charm and mischief"

Daily Telegraph ****

"The Red Shoes fizzes with imagination and personality"

Bedfordshire On Sunday

what they said

"Bold, eccentric and fun, Matthew Bourne’s Early Adventures continue to reclaim dance as a popular art form."

Swindon Advertiser & Wiltshire Times

what they said

"Matthew Bourne’s Early Adventures shows all his trademark wit, originality and eye for detail. Unmissable"

Observer *****

"Truly one of the most engaging things that I've ever seen on the stage, laden with wit and charm and the very cleverest of visual storytelling"

Rowan Atkinson

"Quite brilliant... an inspiration"

Barbra Streisand

"I can't get over the joy you've given me... terrific"

Glynis Johns

"Demolishing conventions, bestriding art forms from ballet to musical comedy to film, Bourne's work isn't just high-brow or low-brow. It's all-brow."

Time Magazine

"Bourne's talent for translating most everything he comes across - theatre, film, literature and life - into the idiom of dance comes vibrantly alive in this passionate, witty and tender retelling of the classic story"

The Hollywood Reporter

"Cinderella fills me with optimism for the future of dance. Let's celebrate Matthew Bourne, the great showman of British dance."

Daily Telegraph ****

"Dazzling images. A wonderful concept"


"Welcome to the Bourne Supremacy. His shows capture international audiences by telling classic stories with a twist - cheeky, accessible but with a powerful emotional undertow"

The Sunday Times

"Matthew Bourne has brought dance to the masses like nobody else"

The Scotsman

"Dazzling. Seduces the senses and touches the heart"

San Francisco Observer

"I will never miss a production under your charge"

Jack Nicholson

"You're all bloody brilliant"

Tracy Ullman

"New Adventures is attracting new audiences in unprecedented numbers, drawn to their dramatic way of combining film imagery and elements of musical comedy, theatre and ballet"

Washington Times

"Beautiful in every way"

Mitzi Gaynor

"Stunning! The company was brilliant"

Susan Stroman

"Wonderful. Bourne's vision is glorious"

Daily Telegraph ****

"A dazzling spectacle. Fresh and vital, hilarious, profound and stunningly original. Bourne's incomparable theatrical flair adds up to a compelling entertainment"

The Times

"You represent the past, present and future of dance"

Shirley MacLaine

"British dance's runaway success story"

The Observer

"A spectacular piece of staging"

Daily Express

"A valentine to the power of love"

LA Times

"Cinderella sparkles with the same clever pop art visuals, wry cultural observations and propulsive narrative drive. Truly inspired storytelling"

The Los Angeles Daily News

"At Bourne's best, the action is tied so directly to the music, it's as if Prokofiev wrote the score just for him. This 'Cinderella' has enough romance, fantasy and fun to keep us hooked."

Time Out ****

"A work of considerable genius"

International Herald Tribune

"A big-hearted ballroom blitz. Cinders sets the stage alight in Matthew Bourne's wartime revival"

The Observer


Geoffrey Rush

"Probably the world's most successful choreographer"

New Yorker

"Matthew Bourne is a whirlwind. He's a dynamo, a powerhouse, a force of nature. He has created the busiest ballet company on earth and turned Britain into the world's leading exporter of dance theatre"

The Spectator


Pedro Almodovar

"quite simply blown away by tonight’s performances, it was perfectly sublime"

North West End *****

what they said

"Dazzling, daft and delightful"

Wirral Globe *****

what they said

"A cosmic, effervescent, thrilling synergy of set design, dance and music, The Red Shoes is an unmissable, unforgettable theatrical experience."

365 Bristol *****

what they said

"a truly fulfilling and entertaining night"

Seeing Dance

what they said

"A compelling adaptation"

Guardian Australia ****

"Everything about it is magical"

Chronicle Live *****

"a timeless delight"

Los Angeles Blade

what they said

"an effervescent delight"

Entertainment Today

"undeniably entertaining"

Los Angeles Times

what they said

"The Red Shoes is a luscious modern fairy tale"

Entertainment Weekly

what they said

"What a story, what show, what a night."

94.7 The Wave

what they said

"The Red Shoes is brilliantly cinematic! Matthew Bourne is such a brilliant storyteller!"

Paula Abdul

what they said

"What a wonderful evening. Great dancing, acting, choreography, lighting, sets, music! BRAVO! BRAVA!"

Barbra Streisand

what they said

"storytelling of the highest order and brilliantly served by the dancers"

WhatsOnStage *****

what they said

"energetic, and fired off with typical brio by those super New Adventures dancers"

The Telegraph ****

"one of Bourne's most accomplished and polished retellings to date"

BroadwayWorld ****

"a rewarding but thoughtful theatrical treat"

Bachtrack *****

"Bourne’s dancers are once again on top of their game"

The Guardian ****

"Plenty to marvel at in this gorgeous spectacle"

Mail On Sunday ****

"Clever, clever Bourne. He sprinkles his stage with the stardust of fairytale romance, but he gives his story a proper tear-jerking heft by reminding us that darkness always surrounds the stars"

The Guardian ****

"Bourne has got under Prokofiev's skin and produced a work of art in dance"

Sunday Express ****